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"I’m going to find you
Because forgetting you, would be forgetting me" ♡


— Sunggyu said at the Show Champion recording today that Woohyun argued with a chicken shop for an hour yesterday night (22/7).


Woohyun had ordered chicken and asked them for teriyaki sauce, but when it arrived it came with honey mustard sauce instead.

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sunggyu being ignored in their group chatroom noone wanted chicken

woohyun you’re in front of the cameras… 

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Sungyeol: L cries when he’s drunk.

Sungyeol: L cries when he’s drunk.

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infinite and inspirits - it’s for a lifetime 

140723 MBC Music Show Champion© Official Photo by MBC

140723 MBC Music Show Champion
© Official 
Photo by MBC

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— 140722 - Sunggyu & Woohyun



back 음원이 나왔습니다~ 노래좋아요 진짜에요

The track back is out~ The song is good really


인피니트 back .. 희안하네 노래가 안질려♧


INFINITE back .. Interestingly the song doesn’t get old♧
I really, really like it~~♧♧♧=_=핡

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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©douerky do not edit, crop or remove watermark.

.. oh my god

.. oh my god

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